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Infoqscraper 0.0.6

I just released infoqscraper v0.0.6 since v0.0.5 is no longer working.

This is a minor version. It fixes a few regressions that had been introduced by lightweight, but fatal, markup changes:

  • [presentation list] some of the presentation were displayed several times
  • [presentation list] crash if a presention has at least one comment
  • [presentation download] unable to extrac the timecodes

As usual, the release has been uploaded to Pypi. Please report any issue.

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XBMC plugin.image.500px 0.2.0

At home I use XBMC to watch movies / TV shows and listen to music on my TV. Thanks to the huge plugin repository, I'm also able to use it to browse several video websites like Youtube, Zapiks or Red Bull.

While being a software developer during the day, I am also a photographer on my free time. It means that I like watching the work of other photographers. Firstly, because I enjoy stunning pictures. Secondly, because it is a great source of inspiration.

500px is a wonderful site featuring talented photographers and high quality work. That is why I was very happy when Patrick L Archibald released an XBMC plugin for 500px eighteen months ago. Unfortunately, while being functional the plugin was quite slow and limited. It was not possible to browse the site by category or to perform a simple search. You could choose which feature to use, but it required a painful user experience. You had to terminate the plugin, go into the plugin settings, change a value, then start the plugin again.

Last month I decided to give a look at the source code, learn the XBMC API, and see what could be done. I then rewrote the plugin from scratch and added several key features:

  • Navigation by feature and by category
  • A search mode
  • Navigation and thumbnail loading is much faster

Patrick merged my pull request into his repository a yesterday and the new release just hit the XBMC repo. Enjoy !

To install it, follow the …

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Infoqscraper 0.0.5

I just released infoqscraper v0.0.5 a few days ago. This is a minor version, it fixes a few dependency related issues. If v0.0.4 works fine on your machine then there is no reason to upgrade this time.


  • Avoid a warning message with Python >= 2.7 (argparse)
  • Fix a regression introduced by BeautifulSoup 4.2.0

I have not investigated why the html5lib parser no longer works with BeautifulSoup 4.2.0. Switching back to the standard BS parser fixed the issue for both 4.1.x & 4.2.x. Problem solved.

As usual, the release has been uploaded to Pypi.

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